Matt vs Sye Ten Bruggencate - Is it reasonable to believe that god exists?


Dillahunty has spoken at atheist and freethought conferences around the world and has debated numerous Christian apologists, including Ray Comfort (on The Atheist Experience) and David Robertson on Premier Christian Radio's "Unbelievable."At the 2014 American Atheists  Convention in Salt Lake City, he gave a workshop that outlined some key ideas in effective debating:


"Take the opponent seriously: The audience has to sense that I can perfectly understand their views, and have rejected them. Use logic: I tell them that I can write a better book than the Bible. Simple: I copy it word for word, except the parts about slavery. And don't forget emotion: It is theater. That is my advantage with a Baptist background over someone like Richard Dawkins, although he knows more about science."


He has also stated that he is willing to say "I don't know" in a debate, a "scary concept" to some of his audience.

Aside from people such as Ray Comfort and others who he has said he will not debate again, Dillahunty rejects the idea that debates are a waste of time:


"I am absolutely convinced from my experience and the evidence that I've gathered over the years of doing this that they are incredibly valuable."

Let art & science inspire.


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